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Educational Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Credit Checks
  • Credit Recovery towards on-time graduation
  • AP/IB Testing
  • PSAT and Practice ACT
  • Help develop plans for academic success
Social/Personal Development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Stress management techniques
  • Time management skills
  • Substance abuse information/resources
  • Referral to outside services
Post High School Planning
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • College entrance exam information: SAT, ACT
  • College resources

Important Information for Seniors Regarding The College Application Process

September is the time to get started on the college application process!

The counselors will be presenting info on the college application process in your social studies classrooms on either Sept 20th or 21st. We will cover many topics from transcripts, common application, UW application, teacher letters of rec, Naviance navigation and much more! Don’t miss class that day!

Starting on September 25th we will begin our individual meetings with seniors (Senior Blitz). This process takes about a week to get through as we have over 400 seniors to talk to and there are only 5 of us! Please be patient as we make time for each of you. Please watch for your appointment time soon. They will be posted on the counseling center window.

If you are applying to a private college or university? If so, you will likely need some letters of recommendation.

Your school counselor  will be writing a letter for the Secondary School Report that is a required portion of most private college applications.

The attached document covers the process through Naviance, Common Application and the required documents needed for a School Counselor letter of recommendation.

Your school counselor will go over the process in person with you during your individual Senior Blitz appointment in late September. Please come with your questions ready!

Counselor Letters of Recommendation Packet IHS 2018

Meet with your Counselor

Students are more than welcome to visit the Counseling Center for walk-in appointments every day before school, during lunches and after school (except Wednesdays) for quick questions.  We encourage students to make their own appointments and meet with their counselors to address any questions or concerns they may have.

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