Metro Transit

Students living outside the school’s walk boundary will be eligible to receive an ORCA Card. The ORCA Card should be kept secure and in good condition. A lost, stolen or damaged ORCA Card may be replaced at a cost of $25. The old card will be deactivated and the new card activated. Forms for replacement ORCA Cards do no need a parent signature. The ORCA Cards are active from the first day of school and will be good through the last day of school. Students and guardians are required to sign an initial issue form or a reactivation form which outlines district transportation’s rules of use for ORCA Cards.

Learn more about transportation and view the routes here.

Interlake Parking Policy

Parking a student car on the Interlake campus is a privilege. To gain and maintain this privilege a student must register his or her car in the office, obtain a parking permit, and drive safely! Parking permits cost $100.00 per year. Students who choose to purchase a parking permit are not eligible to obtain a Metro bus pass.

Student parking areas are open to all students with valid parking permits. During the hours 6:30am-4:00pm all staff and visitor parking areas are off limits to students. Additional restrictions in staff areas may occur during school events.

By issuance of a permit, the Bellevue School District and/or Interlake High School do not assume liability for any property damage to any private automobile parked on its property.  The owner-operator(s) of all private vehicles accepts responsibility for their own property and agrees they are parking at their own risk.

Vehicles must be operated in a safe and legal manner at all times on the Interlake campus.  Because it is necessary to maintain emergency and business access to the campus, cars blocking fire lanes, emergency exits, delivery areas, bus, handicap or motorcycle zone, etc., will be towed and/or driver fined and parking privileges removed.

Please Note:
Interlake High School administrators have the right to search your vehicle upon request if it is on Interlake High School property.  The vehicles are also subject to random sweeps by canine units trained in detecting illegal substances.

Parking for 2021-22

All available Student parking permits have been issued for the school year

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Lenzi at .