New Families Orientation 2021-22


Interlake High School Dance Expectations

We want to ensure that every student has a fun and safe dance. When entering the dance…

  • All students need to have attended at least 5 of 7 periods of the school day on a Friday preceding the dance. This is in accordance with athletic/activity guidelines. (Administrative Procedure 2151P: II. Attendance Requirements)
  • All students and guests must have current photo ID at the dance.
  • Backpacks are not allowed at the dance.
  • Dress and appearance must be consistent with the Interlake High School Dress Code. Students may be required to change their dress or appearance or be denied entry into the dance.
  • Only students who were the original purchaser of a ticket may enter the dance. Tickets cannot be resold, traded, or given away. Ticket numbers and student ID must match at the door.

We want our guests to feel welcome. It’s also important that we know about our guests. Please remember that…

  • Guest permission forms need to be submitted to the your assistant principal prior to purchasing a ticket the dance.
  • Guest ticket numbers must match the guest’s name on the guest register at the door. Photo ID is required to be admitted.
  • You are responsible for your and your guest’s behavior and conduct at the dance. Please help to make dances safe and enjoyable for all students who attend.

Your safety during the dance is very important to us. Please be aware that…

  • All school rules and sanctions for not following rules are in effect during this event.
  • Students who appear to be under the influence of alcohol and/or a controlled substance will be subject to an evaluation that may include police involvement. Police will be present at the dance. Parents of students will be called to come to the dance to take charge of their student(s) if the student is:
    • found to have used alcohol and/or a controlled substance or
    • found to have in their possession alcohol and/or a controlled substance, and/or
    • under the influence of alcohol and/or a controlled substance.
    • NOTE: In some instances, students may be turned over to police custody.
  • Two Strikes Rule: After reading and signing to the Sammamish High School Dance Expectations, created by Student Leadership, any student dancing inappropriately will be given one (1) warning. If the student is found dancing inappropriately a second time, their parent/guardian will be contacted, they will be removed from the dance and may not be allowed to attend the next school dance.

Your promise to support the Interlake High School Dance Expectations is very important. Please read the following and acknowledge your commitment by signing below.

“In order to contribute to a positive environment at Interlake High School during dances, I will do what I can to be a role model to other students by promoting appropriate behavior. I will not participate in inappropriate dancing, which can lead to an unsafe and/or uncomfortable environment. Inappropriate dancing is defined as any dancing that simulates sex. This includes excessive bending at the waist and any purposeful contact in areas normally covered by a swimsuit. This involves thrusting, grinding and inappropriate touching. By agreeing to meet these expectations, I will be ensuring a fun and safe event for everyone at Interlake High School.”

To attend any Interlake High School dance, you must have agreed to meet these expectations.