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8 Steps to set your student up for success next year

Getting your students registered for next year’s classes is a month-long process—starting with school-wide events that give you and your student information about options and ending (after several stops along the way) with a one-on-one conference with their counselor.

  •  The counselor appointment includes a review of choices (with graduation and college/career planning in mind) and answering that student’s individual questions.
  • Students should be consulting their current and future teachers for advice, asking questions during the counselor’s Question & Answer sessions during tutorial, and digging deep into the course catalog.
  • Encourage your student to use the 20 percent of their high school courses that go to electives for classes that inspire their passions and help them explore their possible futures.
  • When should families contact counselors
    •  Remember that at Newport, we strongly encourage parents to coach their student but let the teen take the necessary action. The skills and experience students gain from advocating for themselves sets them up to succeed in their first year of college.
      • If, after completing the registration process, your student and family still has concerns, contact your counselor with questions. Until the process has run through the individual appointments, our counselors will decline requests for appointments to discuss registration.
  • With 1,800 students to register, we rely on students and families to use the community resources we have laid out.
  • Counselors will present during the school day to 9th through 11th graders the process for registering for classes next year. Students will receive emails with all that information and the related forms. You can also find a link to that material on our Counseling website page.
  • Counselors will meet with parent groups to review the same material and take general questions. Watch the principal’s weekly email newsletter for those dates and times.
  • If your student seems overwhelmed by the commitments they need to make for next year, try a short session of What Went Well. Ask them to tell you a short list of things that went well this year. This will distract them long enough for some of the stress to settle. And, thinking about the challenges they met will give them a positive frame of mind to use in planning for next year.


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