**All Bellevue schools will be closed Monday, February 19-Friday, February 23.**
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**All Bellevue schools will be closed Monday, February 19-Friday, February 23.**
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Intellectual Habits of Success: Learn, Think, Do, Assess, Repeat

  • Improve class participation. We learn best by using the knowledge. Use of information and skills anchors knowledge in your brain for ready recall when needed.
  • Identify one thing at time that you want to improve. Set goals, make a plan. Everyone can grow and improve in any subject. Start where you are and build on that.
  • Find a variety of Study Skill information here.

Emotional Habits of Success: Self-Knowledge, Self-Management & Self-Agency

  • Understand the Upside of Stress (it’s a tool to help you excel, but it must be managed)
  • Work to identify your purpose–that goal that makes struggle worthwhile for you
  • Identify the healthy coping strategies that work for you
  • Develop the habit of turning to those skills before stress builds to a disruptive level.

Involvement that Matters in Preparing for the Future & Caring for Self

  • Begin to narrow and focus your involvement to activities that suit you.
  • Seek out classmates that share your purpose and your interests.
  • Begin learning to build a network of people who will support you and the goals you want to achieve.
  • Avoid the temptation to do too many things. We can do everything we want, but not all at the same time. 
    • Universities and employers want people who can pursue a goal with focus and perseverance.

Relationships: Support & Mentoring plus Learning Teamwork, Communication, Problem-Solving

  • Continue intentional use & development of skills introduced last year. 
  • Understand the concept of Social Capital. Think about where investment in relationships will support you.

Course Selection: Actively Plan Depth, Breadth, Rigor, Growth

  • Seek out new topics that spark your interest.
  • Continue to dig deeper into subjects that fascinate you.
  • Concentrate on setting goals and getting better. Perfection is not the goal; seek growth.

Plan for Career with Options that Suit You: College for Career, Technical College, Job Entry, Gap Year, Etc.

  • Complete the 10th grade High School & Beyond Plan tasks in Naviance (a graduation requirement).
  • Review College Knowledge task sheet for the year
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