**December 4 through December 8, bus routes 12, 19, 32, 43, 48 and 50 will be canceled.**
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**December 4 through December 8, bus routes 12, 19, 32, 43, 48 and 50 will be canceled.**
Now hiring for Bus Drivers
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Upcoming Family Registration Information Nights with Newport Counseling Staff

  • Parents of 2023-2024 freshman class (currently 8th graders joining Newport in fall 2023)
    • Monday, March 6
    • In-Person at Newport
    • 6:30-7:30pm with a question session afterward
  • Parents of current juniors, sophomores & freshman (those selecting courses for the 2023-2024 school year)
    • Tuesday, March 7
    • In-Person at Newport
    • 6:30-7:30pm with a question session afterward

Use these resources to help your student prepare to make course choices with their counselor in February & March

Your student’s counselor will help your student select appropriate courses and complete the forms for 2022-2023 registration. They will check for graduation requirements and courses required for your student’s plans after graduation.

Your student must come to this meeting ready to tell the counselor what those post-graduation plans include. Not all students have a clear vision; that’s okay—in fact, quite common.

We rely on families to explore passions, interests, and dreams with their students. We have provided many specific resources below that will help your student narrow a world of possibilities to a few that suit them.

Help your teen continually distill their ideas throughout high school. Watch videos, visit websites, and read with your student. Most of all, listen carefully to what really resonates with them. Those interests will fuel their learning and success. Help them notice where that they spend free time. What activities do they lose themselves in and forget time?


Any passion can lead to a well-paying career:

  • Passionate artists, musicians, and writers hone their craft and find employers that value those skills.
  • Students combine a passion for science with skills in writing, teaching, or illustrating.
  • If your student knows that helping people drives them, that will help us guide them to next steps.
  • Always start with what ignites your student’s desire to learn.


Avoid focusing on job descriptions

Economists predict that most of the careers these students will pursue do not exist now. What your student must find are the topics and skills that motivate them to learn and practice. The economy finds room for people who know what they want to do and learn to do it well.


Not all students will go straight to college

Whatever your student’s plans, it is just the next step in a lifetime of learning—including college, internships, travel, volunteering, a job. Your student should discuss with you and then tell us that college may not be the next step. We can help them find a path that leads to a job they enjoy that will support the lifestyle they want.


The resources below will help your family explore the possibilities

Investigating them with you will prepare your student to give their counselor the information that will guide the most productive selection of courses for next year.

New resources announced in principal’s newsletter each week. After our counselors distribute information first to their students (because experience and science have taught us that students must own and lead this process), we will send those resources to you.

Navigate confidently High school & adolescence9th Grade: Starting Strong, a first-year transition10th Grade: Sophomore Steady Steps11th Grade: The Junior Journey12th Grade: Senior Guideposts to Graduation

Use our Category searches to find information

Coach your student to plan their time rather than guessing what courses they can handle

Writing it down so there is no doubt that you and your student understand each other can save hours of family wrangling to manage commitments. Learn more here.

College & Career Center & Advisor

Fabian Rios, our College & Career Advisor, has many resources to help students explore jobs, careers, and colle.ges. His training helps students explore without undue stress. He coaches students to consider possibilities and then helps them find out what they need to know about those possibilities

Your student should begin working with Mr. Rios and exploring during their freshman year. But it is never too late.

Mr. Rios often works with students whose plans do not include college.

He also hosts college recruiter visits to our campus and can coach your student on how to take advantage of these opportunities.

Click here for webpage or email her at RiosF@BSD405.org

College, University & Technical Schools

Students & families are responsible for researching the entrance requirements of individual institutions. Your Counselor can answer questions and help students plan for the generally required high school courses. Learn More.

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