Who is eligible to attend the International School?

International School is designed as a seven-year integrated program commencing in grade 6 and continuing through grade 12.   Admission will be granted, via a lottery, on a space available basis to students who reside within the Bellevue School District attendance boundaries.

What if I reside outside the Bellevue School District attendance boundaries?

You may still apply, however we will serve District residents first and only when all District residents have been served will we be able to enroll students who reside outside the BSD boundaries.

Is there a fee to attend International School?

No, International School is a Bellevue Public School and there is no required tuition.

How many applications are received for the incoming 6th Grade lottery?

We receive over 500 applications, and will offer enrollment to about 80 students, depending upon standing in the lottery.

How does the 6th grade lottery work?

Please refer to the information on the Student Application.   The general timeline is:

  • Applications for lottery due: early February
  • Lottery held: on a Wednesday in mid-February
  • Lottery posted: the Friday following lottery
  • Commitment Response due to office: mid-March

If my student is placed on the Waiting List, what happens next?

You will not need to reapply each year.    A post card will be mailed in May stating applicant’s current position on the waiting list.   If you wish to remain on the waiting list, the card will need to be signed and returned to the school by the designated date.   The registrar will call you when an opening becomes available.

What if we have twins?

Twins complete two applications, but are given only one number for the lottery, according to International School Revised 2002 Admission Policy 2.3.

Who do I call with other enrollment questions?

Katherine Parkin, International School Registrar, can be reached at 425-456-6535 or parkink@bsd405.org

What are the school hours?

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:


7:40a-12:45p (Early Release/No Tutorial)

Can you describe how the daily schedule works?

Students attend Per. 1, 3, 5, & 7 on Monday & Thursday and Per. 1, 2, 4 & 6 on Tuesday & Friday.   Classes alternate odd/even on every other Wednesday.   First period meets for one hour, while the remaining classes meet for approximately 90 minutes.

What student support services are offered at International?

We offer Special Education instruction, AVID (an academic support class) and Tutorial.

What is “Tutorial”?

This a time set aside after normal school hours — basically from 2:35 – 3:10 — when teachers are available to assist students with assignments.   Tutorial is not mandatory for every student.   However, if a teacher requests a student to remain for tutorial or a student asks for some after-school help, this is the time to meet.

What is “Community”?

This is a home-room time each Wednesday, during which students participate in a study hall. Some clubs meet and school assemblies are scheduled during “Community” time.

Does International School offer sports for middle school students?

Yes, we offer co-ed inter-mural sports: ultimate Frisbee, badminton, volleyball. and track & field.  Each sport lasts approximately six weeks, with games twice weekly against other Bellevue middle schools.  All International School students take Phys Ed.

What transportation is available for students?

International School does not use Bellevue School District yellow buses. However, METRO buses serve the International School, and most bus routes drop-off and pick-up inside the school grounds right at the front door. METRO Transit passes are available free of charge for International School students.   The pass qualifies a student to ride METRO 24 hours day / 7 days a week.   A $18/month fee is charged to replace lost passes.

Do you have a lunch program?

Yes, we have lunch served every day except Wednesday.   Free and Reduced meals are available as at any other Bellevue Public School.   PIN numbers from elementary school will continue to be used at International School. Families can set up a pre-paid lunch account through paypams.com. Of course, many students bring their lunch each day.

Will my middle school student be safe in a school with older students?

Students find our environment to be like a big family.   Each new student is assigned an older buddy and each buddy makes their student feel welcome and warmly looked after.