IS Handbook  

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School Vision

The International School offers the finest educational experience to all of its students, one which is unsurpassed in preparing them intellectually, socially, creatively, physically, and emotionally, so that they are inspired to become lifelong learners and realize their dreams in the world at large.[/vc_column_text]

School Mission

The International School strives to offer the best comprehensive secondary education in the United States. It provides a unique focus on the phenomenon of globalization and actively teaches the principles of global citizenship. The school takes a leadership role in education in developing the most integrated and effective curriculum in all academic areas. It also provides the most nurturing and supportive learning community involving students, parents, faculty, and administration. The International School continually measures its practice against the best, in order to set the standard for all.


The International School provides a critical understanding of globalization in its political, economic, social, cultural, technological and environmental dimensions. Students comprehend the increasing interconnectedness and interdependency of the different regions and peoples of the world.

Global Citizenship:

The International School teaches its students the principles of local, national, and global citizenship. Students are encouraged to accept their inherent responsibility as members of the human community and fulfill their duties to the world through active service.


The International School provides a challenging and integrated 6-12 education that is widely recognized. The staff takes a leading role in curriculum development and engages in significant interdepartmental and intra-district collaboration. The school leads the way in promoting student academic achievement, scholarly research and service learning. Students demonstrate the values of self-reliance, integrity and responsibility.


The International School is a learning community that supports all students of all backgrounds and ability levels, fostering self-confidence, self-discipline and self-worth in every student, enabling them to realize success in school and beyond. Its unique learning environment is characterized by the close student, teacher, and family relationships that develop over a seven year course of study in a small school environment. A strong sense of community is based upon the values of mutual respect, sincere compassion, shared responsibility, and continual self-reflection.


The idea of community, which was developed at the birth of our school, is to regularly bring together groups of students so that they have time during the schedule to break from the normal classroom environment and expand their learning. Community may be based on leadership, academics, or similar interests. It also gives students the opportunity to go out into the community and possibly give something back, meet with fellow classmates, and discuss school and other issues. In the beginning, the goal was to keep the same kids together for seven years, but the need to combine those existing communities into several new communities has arisen. The familiar faces may change, but the ideas and productivity of community continues.

Community Service

Community Service is required. In order to graduate, each student must complete at least 40 hours of community service between the summer before ninth grade and June of their senior year. The “Bellevue School District High School Community Service” forms are available outside the counselor’s office. Completed forms need to be returned to the registrar.

Focus Week

Every year in the spring, the entire student body, along with teachers and parent volunteers, are required leave the confines of the classroom to expand their knowledge. Focus Week was designed to teach students that learning can happen outside the classroom. Participation in Focus Week is required to meet the career and technical education credits for graduation. Each teacher chooses an activity where he/she can help the students better their education. Whether the activity is traveling to a foreign country, learning how to design web pages, or exploring the world of public transportation in Portland each student comes away from these experiences with some new and exciting memories that will last well into their adulthood. Focus Week is a valuable asset to the education and lives of the students.


The concept of “Student-as-Worker” begins with the presumption that each student will apply him/herself to the tasks at hand with achievement expected and excellence as a goal. Students are required to attend class prepared, ready to participate, and willing to learn. Teachers facilitate inquiry and students are actively engaged in all aspects of learning and assessment. Ultimately, each student takes responsibility for his/her own education, making choices within parameters.

Honor Code

Through the PDC process, we have adopted the following honor code that our entire community agrees to uphold:

As a member of the International School community, I affirm that I will uphold the values of honesty, academic integrity, respect, and responsibility within and beyond the classroom.

International School Values


Honesty holds each person to the truth, to tell the truth, and to defend the truth.

Academic integrity:

Academic integrity includes pursuing knowledge and scholarship for oneself and others. Unacceptable behaviors that go against these values and are a violation of the honor code, include: cheating, plagiarizing, obtaining an unfair advantage, aiding and abetting dishonesty, falsifying records or documents, unauthorized access to academic or administrative records, and aiding and abetting others in these behaviors.


Respect means to value and accept others. In an environment of respect, we embrace the diversity in our community, treat all staff and students kindly and politely, work to promote civil dialogue of ideas and issues and keep our school building and grounds clean.


Responsibility is the quality of being accountable for our actions and accepting the consequences of our actions. This responsibility includes actions at school and actions outside of school that affect others in our school community, including actions using social media, telephone and internet communications.