Tuesday, October 26th

Periods 1, 2, 4, 6


Titan Teacher Tribute of the Week: This week’s Titan Teacher of the Week is… BECCI KERSTETTER! Becci teaches Pass and Humanities here at International School, and this year is her 6th year of teaching. Becci was born in Hanover, Pennsylvania, and her favorite place to go is Ireland. Becci’s favorite book is a Christmas Carol, she loves Indian food, and if she could have one super hero power, she would fly! Her favorite class is school was art, and she loves to making pottery and photography. Next time you are in the 200 hallway, say hi to Becci Kerstetter, our Titan Teacher of the Week!

In the News

  • A reminder from administration: Tutorial time is academic time. All students need to either be in a classroom or waiting outside to be picked up. Students involved in after school activities should be in a Tutorial location first.
  • Romeo & Juliet tickets also on sale now.
  • This is a reminder that the AMC tests are coming up soon. Please pay your dues if you signed up. They have been added to your student accounts!
  • College Visits:
    • Today – University of Washington Bothell.

Looking Forward To:

Wednesday 27th         No community – State Testing

October 28th               SAT

November 5th & 6th    Romeo and Juliet Fall Play

November 10th           Picture Retake Day


Fact of the Day: As of April 2021, there were 7,389 satellites in space, 3, 170 which are inactive.