Wednesday, April 24th

 Periods 2, 4, 6


 Titan Tribute:   Today’s Titan Tribute is to 10th grader Elizabeth Roane. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people are overcome by a type of madness – March Madness. No, we are not talking about basketball, but instead March Mammal Madness. In March Mammal Madness, scientists and students create brackets for fictional battles between animals, where they debate on who would win in a fight, making it an exciting blend of science, strategy, and imagination. This year the high school biology students at International competed to see who could create the best bracket. Elizabeth Roane beat out her competitors with fierce determination and skill, emerging as the apex predator of the tournament. Congratulations, Elizabeth!

In the News:

  • D&D Club meets today during lunch in room 212.
  • Yearbook Staff applications for 2024-25 are OPEN! Apply by Monday, April 29th. Grades 6-11 are invited to apply to be on next year’s yearbook staff.
  • International School Jazz Dessert Night is tonight at 7:00pm in the Commons! We transform the International Commons into a jazz club for the evening, with both groups taking turns performing. Beverages along with desserts and light snacks are provided.
  • April is Arab American Heritage Month, today we’re spotlighting the treatment of Arab Americans. For decades Western media has portrayed Arabs and Arab Americans in harmful ways that perpetuate stereotypes and anti-Arab hate. Since 9/11 Anti-Arab hate crimes have risen dramatically in the US. If you want to find to learn more find the posters labelled “Issues Facing Arab Americans” and scan the QR code to SOAR’s additional resources.
  • Our special secondary Arab highlight is Baklava! Baklava is one of the most popular desserts in the Middle East, and is primarily made of phyllo dough, pistachios, butter, and honey or sugar syrup. It originated in the Assyrian Empire, which we now call the Middle East. It’s a delicious dessert to try regardless of your culture and will make anyone smile!

Spirit Week: Wear the following to show your school spirit.

  • Today – Color Day
    • 6th Grade: Red
    • 7th Grade: Yellow
    • 8th Grade: Purple
    • 9th Grade: Green
    • 10th Grade: Blue
    • 11th Grade: White
    • 12th Grade: Black
    • Staff: Pink
  • Tomorrow – Student/Teacher Swap
  • Friday – College Day

Next Week:

April 30           National Honor Society Induction Ceremony 6 PM

May 2              French Exchange Interest Meeting 6 PM

Today’s Lunch:    Turkey Ham & Cheese Hoagie Sandwich or Vegetarian Cheese Trio Hoagie Sandwich with Multigrain Chips.

Quote of the Day:  Believe you can and you’re halfway there. — Theodore Roosevelt.