Upcoming Dates for Seniors: (Updated 10/15/2021)

  • Tuesday, November 30th: Last Day to submit Senior Photos & Grad Ads for the Yearbook

Previous Announcements & Meetings: (Updated 10/15/2021)

Senior Graduation & Support Contacts: 

Graduation Requirement & Eligibility Questions:

SHS Counselors:

Graduation, Honor Cords, & Senior Event Information:

Kim Taniguchi (taniguchik@bsd405.org)

Senior Celebration/Recognition Night & Graduation Cap & Gown Assistance:

Adriana Maldonado Ruiz (maldonadoa@bsd405.org)

Senior Class Advisor: 

Maddison Myers (myersm@bsd405.org)

College & Career Advisor:

Vanessa Lopez-Kopp (lopezk@bsd405.org) – Check out our College & Career Webpage here!

PTSA Class of 2022 Contacts:

Sharon Stedman, Jenny Long, Elaine Ansell, Ruth Raskind, Susan Han | Email: ptsa.classof2022@sammamishptsa.org | Class of 2022 PTSA Webpage

Yearbook Advisor:

Michelle Healy (healym@bsd405.org)

Senior Yearbook Photos & Grad Ads (Updated 10/15/2021)

Senior Photos and Grad Ad orders are due by the end of the day on Tuesday, November 30th. More information will be sent out to Seniors and their families soon via email.

Senior Yearbook Photo Info: Photos submitted must be in a .jpg format and at least 300kb in size. Please keep in mind that these photos are 2.5″ tall by 2″ wide in the yearbook.

Grad Ads for the Yearbook: These are sold at by a first come, first served basis. The sizing options and prices are as follows:

    • Half-Page Ad: $100.00 | 9″ wide x 6″ tall
    • Quarter-Page Ad: $75.00 | 4.5″ wide x 6″tall
    • Eighth-Page Ad: $40.00 | 4.5″ wide x 3″ tall

Email our Yearbook Advisor, Michelle Healy (healym@bsd405.org) for help.

Senior Checkout & Last Day

The last day of school for graduating Seniors has not yet been determined, so we have not yet determined Senior Checkout Days. Seniors must complete the Senior Checkout process, before they will be able to collect their graduation tickets and, eventually, their diploma. Seniors will visit the following staff to complete their checkout:

  • Counselors – Counselors will confirm the following with Seniors:
    • Completion of the High School & Beyond Plan
    • Eligibility for Graduation (ex. Grade Check, Graduation Requirements, etc)
  • Technology – Turn in any BSD equipment (laptops, chargers, styluses, etc.)
  • Accounting – Return books (if not returned in class) & confirm all fines/fees are cleared
  • Office Manager: Graduation Tickets – Only allowed, after visiting Staff 1 – 3

High School & Beyond Plan 

Complete ALL High School and Beyond Plan Tasks. Please connect with your Counselor for help with this. The High School and Beyond Plan Tasks every Senior must complete are as follows:

  • Career Interest Profiler
  • Create/Update 4- Year Plan
  • Game Plan Survey
  • Create/Update Resume
  • Complete My Graduation Pathways Survey
  • Complete My Financial Aid Options Survey
  • Complete BSD Graduation Survey

Class of 2021 Graduation Event Plan TBD


Graduation Attire & Jostens Ordering:

Jostens Ordering Information:

Want that Senior Swag or to order your items for the Class of 2022 Graduation? We are working on a date for Jostens to visit SHS and set up information about ordering. Reach out to our Jostens Representative, Mike Annis, by phone at (206) 931-4723 or by email at mike.annis@jostens.com.

Graduation Cap & Gowns:

To participate in the Graduation Ceremony, Seniors will need a cap, gown, stole & tassel. Seniors can place orders for these items, on the Jostens website for our school. If you have any questions on how to order or need help with anything pertaining to your order, please reach out to our Jostens representative, Mike Annis, by phone at (206) 931-4723 or via email at mike.annis@jostens.com.

For information on graduation attire guidelines and cap decorations, check out our Graduation Attire Information page.

 If your family needs assistance with getting a cap and gown for your senior, please reach out to their counselor:

Counselor Assigned Student Last Names Email Address
Heather Smith A – De smithhe@bsd405.org
Elaena Williams Pagaran Df – H williamse@bsd405.org
Yuchen Zhang I – Mp zhangy@bsd405.org
Nicole Kemp Mq – Sc kempn@bsd405.org
Jaime Hoener Sd – Z hoenerj@bsd405.org

We will be providing caps and gowns to students needing them. Additional information will be sent to those families once we have determined who needs assistance.

Honor Cords & Eligibility Requirements:

Graduates and their families will be notified of their graduates honor cord eligibility via email by the end of the day on Wednesday, June 1st, 2022; they are $5.00/each. If your graduate does not receive an honor cord email and they feel like this is in error, please contact our Office Manager, Kim Taniguchi (taniguchik@bsd405.org), for help.

Sammamish High School provides honor cord distinction for students achieving any of the three following accomplishments: Completing 200+ standalone community service hours, being a member of National Honors Society in good standing, Maintaining a Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better for their high school career, & receiving an International Spanish Academy (ISA) Diploma. Our 4.0 cumulative GPA students will receive recognition and a medal at the graduation ceremony. Here are the requirements to achieve each distinction:

  • 200+ Community Service Hours (Red & White Honor Cord): This distinction is given to students having completed 200 or more standalone hours of community service, during their time in high school, and is a celebration of students demonstrating extraordinary commitment in service to their community. These hours must be separate from any hours attributing to another distinction, such as National Honors Society, but may include the 40 hours required for graduation. All hours must be entered, approved & verified in Naviance no later than May 21, 2021, to qualify for this distinction.
  • National Honors Society (Gold): Members of National Honors Society (NHS) demonstrate outstanding character, leadership, service, and academics. Students must earn a cumulative GPA of 3.65 or higher and meet community service requirements to qualify. Eligibility for this distinction is communicated and determined by the NHS Advisor, Ms. Youmans.
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or Better (Platinum): Students achieving this distinction will have achieved this by maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or more during their entire secondary education. 4.0 students are also eligible to receive this cord.
  • International Spanish Academy (ISA) Diploma Recipients (White & Gold): Students receiving the International Spanish Academy (ISA) Diploma must complete the requirements outlined here.
  • Cumulative GPA of 4.0 (Medal): Students having maintained a 4.0 cumulative GPA, throughout their entire secondary education, will receive this award.

Any students with questions regarding their eligibility for any of these distinctions can reach out to Kim Taniguchi at taniguchik@bsd405.org for more information. We will be applying fees to all eligible student’s BSD accounts and families can pay for their cords online here, after June 1st. Cords will be available for student pickup, along with their graduation tickets, when they complete Senior Check Out.

Grad Night Party (Updated 10/15/2021)

To provide a fun and safe way for our seniors to celebrate the ending of their high school career with their friends, the PTSA is bringing back its epic, time-honored Grad Night party! Details are top secret, but we can share that after you drop your senior off at Sammamish High at 10pm on graduation night, they will be in good hands as they’re whisked away on chartered buses to surprise destinations filled with fun activities, entertainment, catered food, non-alcoholic drinks and fantastic prizes. Security and chaperones will keep everyone safe. Pickup will be at school around 5am.

For more information on the Grad Night Party, registration, and pricing, please visit the PTSA Grad Night Party page.

Class of 2022 Diplomas TBD