Students must earn forty (40) hours of Community Service as one of their graduation requirements.  Students may begin to earn these hours once they complete their eight (8th) grade year.  The hours may be earned all at one time, or in any manner that meets the student’s schedule, during his/her high school years, but must be completed prior to the student’s participation in a commencement ceremony and the granting of a diploma.

We are no longer accepting paper community service forms.

The new online community service system is up and running. You will now be able to access x2VOL (Time to Volunteer) through your Naviance account. With this system, you will be able to:

  • Log your own hours
  • Look for community service opportunities
  • track the number of hours you have served

Before you begin, you need to link your Naviance account with the x2VOL system. Once you have completed this linking, you will be able to add in any hours of community service you complete. All you need is the name and email address of the person supervising your time at the event. Click on the x2VOL Linking Instructions below for step by step instructions. If you need help logging into your Naviance account please come and see your counselor or the counseling secretary in the main office.


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