Counseling Hours

M,Tu,Th,F: 7:30am to 3:30pm
Wed: 7:30am to 1:30pm

Phone Number

Counseling Center
(425) 456-7621

Fax Number

(425) 456-7665

School Code


Picture left to right: Jannely Quintana, Kristen Patterson, Nicole Kemp, Adriana Maldonado-Ruiz, Heather Smith, Maureen Travaille

Welcome to the Sammamish High School Counseling Center. This site is designed to assist Sammamish students & their families in gaining information regarding academic achievement, college preparation, post-secondary options & community referrals. To make an appointment with your counselor, please contact them directly. Students: The counseling department has an “open door” policy for students during school hours. They can also schedule an appointment with their counselor. Parents: Please make an appointment with your student’s counselor to avoid scheduling conflicts and to ensure you will have the time you need to address your concerns, questions, etc. Unavoidable interruptions and emergencies may occur during your scheduled appointment; however, every attempt will be made to avoid rescheduling your appointment.


We welcome the opportunity to meet with parents/guardians of our students to discuss any concerns you may have, or to help answer questions. Given that our schedules can be a bit unpredictable at times, we do require that you schedule a time to meet with your students counselor. Please contact your student’s counselor directly (via telephone or email) to schedule an appointment.

Staff Name Position Phone Email
Heather M. Smith Counselor for student last name between A – E 425-456-7608
Kristen Patterson Counselor for student last name between F – K 425-456-7620
Nicole Kemp Counselor for student last name between L – Re 425-456-7617
Maureen Travaille Counselor for student last name between Ri – Z 425-456-7623
Esmeralda Bailon Registrar  425.456.7618
Stephanie Schuehle School Psychologist 425.456.7614
Don Prosek School Psychologist
(Tuesday & Wednesday)


Robert Provencher School Psychologist 425.456.7622
Arlene Scott College and Career Advisor 425-456-7637
Rosy Mendoza Family Services Specialist 425-456-7610
Saida Oweis Graduation Success Coach 425.456.7718
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