The Equity Advisory Group (EAG) was initially formed in the fall of 2018 to help the district engage a diverse breadth of voices from among our community to better understand the unique and shared student needs across our district and to ensure those needs are being addressed in both policy and in procedure – the way we do our work every day. The formation of this group affirms the district’s commitment to provide a positive and supportive learning environment, meeting the needs of each and every student through individualized and innovative supports and services.

The second phase of this work, from August 2019 to June 2020, is designed to give BSD Superintendent Dr. Ivan Duran input with respect to implementation of the BSD Board Policy 0130 – Equity and Accountability (PDF). BSD Board Policy 0130 calls for the Superintendent or designee to create and maintain procedures associated with this policy and other relevant policies as appropriate, to guide how each of the ten District commitments will be implemented.

Specifically, the EAG will generate recommendations for policies, procedures and other actions that will provide accountability to the implementation of Board Policy 0130.

Why is this Important?

The district currently faces many challenges in how it serves the diversity of students who attend BSD schools. Inequity, in particular racial inequity, constitute the common denominator amongst many those challenges. The district’s ability to provide systems-wide guidance on more equitable policies, procedures, and practices to better serve the diversity of students who attend BSD schools represents a moral imperative for the Bellevue School District.  Despite efforts to bridge the achievement gap of students of color, students with special needs, ELL students, and students living in poverty, these efforts have typically been programmatic and not systemic or cultural, and thus have been insufficient.


  • Pia Dey, at large parent
  • Mohammed Bakr, parent and community member
  • Paul Sutton, parent and External Expert
  • Alma Gonzalez, parent and NISO (Latino Parent Advocacy Group)
  • Susie Pietz, parent and Special Needs PTA
  • Haruka Kojima, former parent and Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (APIA)
  • Maina Train, parent and PTSA Council
  • Kimberly Walker, Bellevue Schools Foundation
  • Myra Arnone, School Admin – High
  • Terry Jess, Educator – High
  • Maria Ocampo, Educator – Middle
  • Betty Nahn, School Admin – Middle
  • Brook Garcia, School Admin – Elem
  • Lena Pothitou-West, Educator – Elem
  • Johanna Wong, Psychologist – Middle
  • Melody Birch, Instructional Mentor
  • Dr. Ivan Duran, Superintendent
  • John Harrison, Executive Director of Schools
  • Shomari Jones, Director of Equity and Strategic Engagement
  • Pat Hughes, Group Facilitator, Trillium Leadership Consulting

Expectations for Members:

  • EAG members support the purpose of the project
  • EAG members will identify perspectives and capacity needed to do the work and ask Dr. Duran to fulfill those needs
  • Committee members will engage in research, learning, dialogue, listening and making recommendations
  • Work sub-groups will form to do the research, review and recommendations
  • Members can bring their own experience and perspectives to the process, as well as perspectives from other parents or community members which will serve as additional data points to inform the eventual recommendations


The EAG will deliver recommendations on a select group of policies and procedures related to the 10 District Commitments by June 2020. The EAG has no power to implement changes in the district, including determining, implementing or executing procedural or policy changes.

Provide feedback on the gap (if any) between the intent and impact of current, selected procedures and policies

The committee is focusing on the following Commitments :


Meeting Schedule