This article was written by Charan Rajathilak, an Interlake High School Senior.

Hello! I have been working with the Bellevue School District’s Communications Department as an intern. I have worked on many projects with this team, including some previous newsletters and articles, as well as marketing campaigns for districtwide events, like the 2023 College Conference. Look out for more work from me throughout this year!

On February 17, the Bellevue School District celebrated National Random Acts of Kindness Day by gifting the Bellevue Fire Department. Random Acts of Kindness Day has been celebrated every February 17th since its creation in 1995 to encourage people to spread kindness and do good deeds for others. That’s exactly what a group of Interlake seniors did. The students worked together to show their appreciation for the service and bravery of the firefighters who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe. They collected cards containing messages of gratitude and created a poster to express their thanks. They were able to extend their gratitude for the BSD staff as well, collecting signatures and messages of appreciation to give to the firefighters. The group then went to Fire Station 3, located near Crossroads Park, to deliver their gifts. Much to their surprise, the firefighters returned the kindness with an even greater gift than the students were expecting: a tour of the fire station.

Students use markers to create a sign
Student poses with two BSD administrators, holding Thank You sign

Captain Steere and Firefighter Zavaglia showed the Interlake seniors around the station, giving them a glimpse into the daily lives of firefighters and the equipment they use to fight fires and respond to emergencies. During the tour, the students were given the chance to observe the fire trucks up close and even had the opportunity to climb aboard one of them. They gained insight into the different types of tools and equipment that firefighters use, such as hoses, axes and breathing apparatuses. Captain Steere also shared personal anecdotes about his life as a firefighter and the danger that firefighters face every day as part of their job. The students were impressed by the bravery and dedication of the firefighters who work so hard to protect their community.

Students and fire fighters stand in front of fire truck, holding “Thank you”

The tour concluded with a photo opportunity in front of the fire trucks with the firefighters. The Interlake seniors departed with an enhanced sense of gratitude for the experience and an increased appreciation for the work that the Bellevue Fire Department does every day to keep our community safe. The experience served as a reminder that a small act of kindness can lead to unexpectedly meaningful and fulfilling experiences, and the Interlake students hope that their story of spreading kindness inspires other people to do the same.


Learn more about the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

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