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people working on a computer

Newport’s Cisco Networking and Cybersecurity Academy program has impacted national policy changes in Antigua! In collaboration with Rotary International, students from Newport went to Antigua to design and build networks for schools in need. Ten students visited last month and donated 250 laptops as well as build both wired and wireless labs in 19 schools! Just two years ago, they found very little internet in the schools. When they went this year, after continued pressure, they found high speed internet in every school they visited.

The Newport students had the opportunity to meet with the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda and the Permanent Education Secretary. They have since changed their national policy because of the involvement of the Newport students and the Rotary. Previously, they did not fund any technology in primary schools on the island. Due to Newport’s continued involvement in building computer labs and donating computers to schools throughout the country they have agreed to support labs in schools.