This form lists ALL of the available ASVAB dates in BSD for the 2023-24 school year. Each of the 4 comprehensive high schools (Bellevue HS, Interlake HS, Newport HS and Sammamish HS) will host the ASVAB twice during the year. The test dates are spread out so that there is one ASAVB test each month. Students can sign up to take the ASVAB at their high school OR at any of the other high schools.

Students can sign up more than once. If a student signs up for September and needs to take the exam again, they can access this form and register for another date.

Juniors and Seniors are allowed to register for the ASVAB. The score can be used to meet a graduation pathway (Math and English Language Arts assessment). Scores are not reported to the military by BSD. However, if a student is interested in the military, they can submit their scores to a recruiting office.

The College and Career Advisors are the ASVAB contact for their school. Students and parents should reach out directly to them with questions.

Bellevue High School – Lisa Hansen – [email protected]

Interlake High School – Jose Valdez – [email protected]

Newport High School- Fabian Rios- [email protected]

Sammamish High School – Vanessa Lopez-Kopp – [email protected]


ASVAB testing dates

Bellevue HS: Friday, September 29 @ 8:30 am in the library (Register by 9/27)

Interlake HS: Friday, October 20 @ 8:30 am in the library  (Register by 10/18)

Newport HS: Tuesday, November 14 @ 8:30 am in the library (Register by 11/9)

Sammamish HS: Tuesday, December 5 @ 8:30 am in the library (Register by 12/1)

Bellevue HS: Friday, January 12, 2024 @ 8:30 am in the library (Register by 1/10)

Interlake HS: Friday, February 16, 2024 @ 8:30 am in the library (Register by 2/14)

Newport HS: Tuesday, March 12, 2024 @ 8:30 am in the library (Register by 3/8)

Sammamish HS: Tuesday, April 23, 2024 @ 8:30 am in the library (Register by 4/19)


About the ASVAB

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is an aptitude test developed by the Department of Defense. It measures a young adult’s strengths and potential for success in military training. Bellevue School District is happy to provide the ASVAB CEP (Career Exploration Program) testing opportunity for students. BSD Juniors and Seniors are given the opportunity to take the ASVAB. There is no cost to take the exam and students do not need to commit to military service. The ASVAB CEP also provides an interest assessment and planning tools to help young adults explore career field entry requirements and various career paths.

The ASVAB is divided into eight subtests, General Science, Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Mathematics Knowledge, Electronics Information, Auto and Shop Information and Mechanical Comprehension. Students will receive a percentile score for each of these sections, but only Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, and Word Knowledge Subtests are factored into the AFQT (Armed Forces Qualifying Test) score. A qualifying AFQT score (31 or higher) can be used to meet Math and English Language Arts assessment graduation requirement.

For additional information about the ASVAB, please visit

Washington State Board of Education –

The ASVAB website

View strategies for taking the ASVAB* and sample questions at

* The ASVAB can be given as a paper and pencil test or a computer-based test. The ASVAB tests scheduled for the 2022-23 school year are computer-based.


Below are some additional ASVAB testing practice websites.

ASVAB Practice Tests Online—Includes practice tests for individual subject areas (General Science, Arithmetic Knowledge, etc.) as well as full practice tests.

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