The Shout Experience

The SHOUT Experience is a program designed for female students that racially identify as African, Black, Hispanic, LatinX, Native American, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander or mix of any, who are in grades 7-12 in the Bellevue School District.

This program provides an opportunity for these students to connect, be inspired, find support and to be lead and taught by women who also racially identify like them. Students will spend the day learning and engaging in discussion around race, culture, leadership and self-empowerment.

While this event is designed especially to reach African, Black, Hispanic, LatinX, Native American, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander female students, the event is open to ALL students in grades 7-12.


Monday, March 25, 2019

The event begins at 9:30 a.m. so we will be picking up your student between 8:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m. at their schools. The event will end at 1:30 p.m. for middle school students and 4 p.m. for high school students. Middle school students will be dropped off at their schools between 1:45-2 p.m. and high school students will be dropped off at their schools between 4-4:15 p.m.

View the Middle School Agenda
8:30–9:30 Student Bus Pick-up
9:30–10:15 Breakfast
9:50–10:10 Opening Performance
10:10–10:40 Welcome, Parameters, Chant, Mary, Eva Collins
10:40–10:50 Groups Dismiss by Letter to Photo
10:50–10:55 Take Photo
10:55–11:00 Travel to theater/Cafeteria
11:00–11:20 Icebreaker/Attendance
11:25–11:50 Middle School Speaker
12:00–12:45 Middle School Workshops
12:55–1:20 Middle School Lunch
1:30 Middle Schoolers Depart
View the High School Agenda
8:30–9:30 Student Bus Pick-up
9:30–10:15 Breakfast
9:50–10:10 Opening Performance
10:10–10:40 Welcome, Parameters, Chant, Mary, Eva Collins
10:40–10:50 Groups Dismiss by Letter to Photo
10:50–10:55 Take Photo
10:55–11:00 Travel to theater/Cafeteria
11:00–11:20 Icebreaker/Attendance
11:30–12:15 High School Keynote
12:25–1:25 High School Workshops
1:30–1:50 High School Lunch
1:50–2:25 Performance and Talent Show
2:40–3:45 High School Facilitator Panel
3:45–4:00 Closing and Students Depart on Buses


We offer a variety of workshops designed to empower and encourage our young women to excel in education and beyond.

Middle School Workshops

Storytelling Diosa: How to Unlock your Inner Goddess through Storytelling

Angelica Mendoza

Do you want to learn steps on how to unlock and heal your inner Diosa (Goddess)? Are you interested in radio and or media? Join me as I share with you how I have used story telling and media as a way to heal and unlock my inner Diosa (Goddess) and helped others do the same. It is time that we listen to our inner selves and focus on healing and gaining awareness on mental health through one of the many gifts that was passed on to us by the long lineage of strong women before us and that is storytelling.


Brandi Day

This course will introduce attendees to some real life examples of how certain situations could dictate which route you choose to take in life, crowd you choose to associate with and which future you want for yourself. Every girl has her share of drama, especially in school. The behaviors and association of the people you hang with can have a positive or negative impact on how you’re perceived. Or the environments/distractions you’re exposed too, could cause you to question your ability to succeed or even have the confidence in pursuing your dreams.

The inspiration for this workshop comes from the personal story of the workshop presenter – Brandi Day, who struggled as a teen growing up in the inner-city, she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life due to a lack of positive influences, mentors, resources and healing from being bullied in both middle and high school.

You Be You: Celebrating the beauty and depth of being multi-racial

Monica Davies

In this interactive session, participants will reflect on the questions Who am I? What shapes my Identity? And how can I capitalize on the strengths of being a person of mixed heritage. We will use spoken word, art, music lyrics and inspiring quotes to create our own personal vision boards to celebrate ourselves as unique individuals within this powerful community of young women.

Your Voice, Your ``Chaptik``, Story

Mary Wilber

Students will be challenged to find their voice and look at ways to use it within their home, school and community.


Olympia Edwards

What would your world look like if you decide to LIVE OUT LOUD! There is an unspoken power when we share our stories and push ourselves beyond what we thought was possible. Learn to live in such a way that you create your own boundaries, and push beyond limitations- without doubting yourself! Live your best life. It’s not just a hashtag, come learn how to live your best life by being your authentic self. As young womxn of color, we forget that we have a story worth telling and that it exist right at our fingertips. Together, we will walk through the process of taking leaps of faith, embracing our story, and being open to allow others to honor our strengths, recognize common struggles as we navigate through our losses while simultaneously celebrating our triumph of resiliency.

I May Not Be Perfect, But I’m My Perfect Me

Erin Jones

Do you struggle with identity and self-confidence? Do you struggle with finding purpose and setting goals? Do you compare yourself to others and struggle with feeling like you’re not enough? In this session we will talk about the power of purpose and the beauty of the unique qualities each one of us bring into the world! Come to be challenged and inspired! Come ready to discover your best self!

Poetry: Black Hair Matters - Examining the History and the Policing of Black Hair

Klana Davis

“I am not my hair. I am not this skin. I am a soul that lives within.” India. Arie

Do you rock your roots? What does being natural mean to you? Name three things you love about your hair.

The Black Hair Matters poetry workshop will explore the deep history of black hair before and after slavery. We will discuss the recent stories of young black girls that being policed for wearing their natural hairstyles in schools and how many of them are fighting back. Come and write poems about what it means to be natural and how you have learned or how you are learning to embrace the beauty and versatility of black hair.

Empowerment Through Art

Destiny Roberts

Our Visiting artist Destiny Roberts will be hosting a session on her journey as an empowering artist. Destiny is a recording artist that has created powerful differences using her voice!

Being Muslim in America

Noor Shatnawai

This session will be a presentation and discussion on being Muslim in America, knowing your rights, and celebrating ourselves as powerful women!

High School Workshops

The Filters we Hide Behind

Ashley Kay Smith

Do you use filters when using Snapchat, Instagram or when you take pictures? Or maybe you have seen an Instagram Model and wished you could look like her? In this workshop we will talk about social media and how it affects our self esteem. We will learn how to encourage ourselves and each other as young women of color in a society that causes us to hate ourselves and each other.

Knowledge is Power: Love Empowerment as much as you Love Horchata: a Know your Rights Workshop//Saber es Poder: Ama Empoderamiento tano como Amas La Horchata: un Taller sobre tus Derechos

Tina Morales

Oppression comes in the form of expressions of self-doubt, inhumanities, injustices and feeling of powerlessness in the face of fear. A solution to oppression is empowerment. What if you believed in your future, what if you valued yourself more, what if you felt empowered to face fear to not only help yourself but others? What if you loved empowerment as much as you love your favorite food? What if you learned practical information to protect yourselves, your family, friends and neighbors? We aim to transform fear and hate against immigrant and refugee people into courage and action. In this workshop you will learn how immigration detention centers operate to promote mass deportation and learn how to help yourself, friends, family and neighbors against unlawful arrests by ICE (Immigration, Customs Enforcement) agents. By Knowing Your rights and learning how to, make from scratch, a famous and loved Mexican drink called ‘horchata’, you will be empowered to learn from what you fear and love and be poised to take action. Access personal & community empowerment by learning powerful practical information in our Know Your Rights Workshop and cultural culinary demo to see that knowledge is power!

The Universe in You

Tracy Gasca

We all have a bit of fire, earth, air and water within our souls…but what’s your sign? This session will get you covered in Astrology 101 – learning about your sign, the different elements and how the planets may or may not have some influence in your lives! Let’s have an open conversation and chismear (gossip) about astrology, the stars and the universe and how it makes you YOU!

A Wakanda State of Mind: Keeping It 100 with Yourself

Krischanna Roberson

Welcome to the Women of Wakanda! It’s not fictional, these women exist in each of us! Participants will investigate how Okoye, Nakia, Shuri, and Queen Ramonda, with their traits and skills, combined with our own intersectionality and story are alive and well in our everyday lives. We will investigate “Fakeness”, “Filters” and “Frauds”, build capacity for self-affirmation so we can continually SHOUT our greatness and keep it 100, using a Wakanda state of mind.

Girl Code: Sis, Are We Friends, FRIENDS?

Ramika Toms

Digging deep into what girl code is! Are their codes to genuine friendship? How do we hold each other down sis? In this session, the facilitator will walk through a conversation about what freindship looks like. In small groups they will discuss the top 5 characteristics they value in a friend. Together as SISTAHS let’s commit to the solution that requires us to step our game up and not on the problem that triggered us. We’re going to pull up and come together in SISTAH-hood!

Ente Shakti, Ente Bhavam (My Strength, My Safe Place)

Caroline Titan

This workshop is designed to empower young women of color to prioritize their inner strength, well-being, and personal beauty. We will specifically focus on the importance of cultivating radical self-love, self-respect, and self-care in a world that does not always appreciate or cast us in a positive light. This workshop ultimately intends to create a space where we can appreciate and support each other as women of color and celebrate our unique individual qualities and attributes.

Salsa: The Power of Connection Through Music and Dance

Oriana Estrada

Come learn about LatinX culture and identity through music and dance. This rhythmic and energetic partner dance teaches us valuable lessons about listening, communication, connection and working together as a team. Wear comfortable clothes to move and dance in!

More Than Just a Myth: Dismantling the Asian ``Model Minority`` Stereotypes and Retelling OUR Stories

Janah Valenzuela

Have you ever been told, “Well of course you’re good at math, you’re Asian!” or something just as preposterous based on your Asian heritage?

This workshop will unpack what the “Model Minority Myth” means and how it has perpetuated harmful stereotypes for Asian Americans. From there, students will be empowered to rewrite their own stories of what it really means to be Asian American and gain confidence in knowing they are way more than any myth or stereotype!

Starting your Best Life

Marissa McDowell

Education Unchained’s upholds a mantra of “Be That, Reach That, Teach That.” Our core values stem in developing self-empowerment as a tool to change the trajectory of our future. We believe that 3 constructs lie at the core of self-empowerment: positive self-identity, cultural and societal awareness, and doing “the work”. This session will examine these concepts while participants explore their vision of self-value and how their empowerment effects their communities and creates positive influence.

Participants will engage in self-identity, how to improve and/or combat cultural and societal awareness and what the work looks like, including self-healing, self-love, affirmations, identifying positive role models, and creating care circles. Participants will look at what they have conceptualized for themselves and compare notes with their peers and its relation to marginalized communities.


Please register as soon as possible. Registration is a two-part process. Use the button below to register online. You must then print, fill out and submit the BSD field trip forms to your student’s counselor. Families must register and submit completed field trip forms by Monday, March 18, 2019.

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The BOOM Experience is a program designed for male students that racially identify as African, Black, Hispanic, LatinX, Native American, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander or mix of any, who are in grades 7-12.

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