We are embarking on a K-7 math curriculum adoption process, as our current materials are outdated. We have convened a group of educators and community members to review materials for grade bands K-5 and 6-7 (IMT 1 and IMT 2) for us to consider for the 2021-2022 school year and beyond. The top two materials under final consideration are listed below:


  • iReady Classroom
  • Illustrative Mathematics


  • Core Curriculum by MidSchoolMath
  • Illustrative Mathematics

Opportunity to View the Curriculum

We would like to invite you to review these sample math materials. You can find the sample materials, logins, and feedback form below.

K-5 Resources

  • Curriculum: iReady Classroom
  • Website: iReady Classroom
  • Username: N/A
  • Password: N/A

IMT 1 and IMT 2 Resources

  • Curriculum: Core Curriculum by MidSchoolMath
  • Website: Core Curriculum
  • Username: N/A
  • Password: N/A

  • Curriculum: *Illustrative Mathematics, Vendor Example: desmos sample lessons
  • Website: Student Desmos
  • Username: N/A
  • Password: N/A

  • Curriculum: *Illustrative Mathematics, Vendor Example: Open Up Resources
  • Website: Open Up Resources
  • Username: N/A
  • Password: N/A

*Illustrative Mathematics is the author of the curriculum and there are many different vendor choices for implementation of this resource. Two examples are provided above for IMT 1 and IMT 2 adoption.

Feedback Process

In any adoption, criteria drive the evaluation and recommendation.  Our resources have already been evaluated by expert reviewers and/or EdReports to indicate their alignment to Common Core State Standards.  Here is a link to a FORM community members may use to provide feedback on resources. Please note that reviewing resources as well as providing feedback is optional.

Elementary Math Adoption Q&A Office Hours

IMT 1 and IMT 2 Adoption Q&A Office Hours

We look forward to hearing your feedback and answering questions as we look to adopt new math materials. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.  You can email any questions or concerns to: [email protected].

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