Math Sequence

Each math course in the continuum is required as a prerequisite for enrollment in the next course in the progression. On occasion, a student may need to be accelerated beyond one year, such decisions are made at the elementary school level and are based upon pre-assessment results only. Parents may not enroll their child in a course beyond the next course in the progression. Below is the continuum of math placement for the typical student receiving advanced learning SCS with one year of acceleration:

Grade Level Math Course
2nd Math Expressions 3
3rd Math Expressions 4
4th Math Expressions 5
5th Gifted Integrated Math Topics 1 (IMT1)
6th Gifted Integrated Math Topics 2 (IMT2)
7th Gifted Algebra 1
8th Gifted Geometry
9th Gifted Algebra 2
10th IB Mathematics HL 1
11th IB Mathematics HL 2
12th Further Topics or AP Statistics


Bellevue School District Summer Courses

In Bellevue School District, all students are already accelerated in mathematics by one year due to compacting 6th – 8th grade math standards into 6th and 7th grade, resulting in all students prepared for Algebra 1 in 8th grade. In the advanced learning SCS model, students are automatically accelerated by an additional year, meaning that all students are accelerated in math by at least two years. It is highly recommended that parents and students carefully consider further acceleration and discuss Summer School enrollment with the child’s current math teacher. If acceleration through Summer School is recommended by the current teacher, students currently enrolled in 4th, 5th or 6th grade SCS at Cherry Crest, Medina, Somerset, Spiritridge, Odle or Tyee may enroll in the BSD Summer School Program’s Advanced Learning math courses. Successful completion (grade of 80% or higher) of the math course will prepare students to enroll in the next course in the advanced learning math sequence in the fall.

Summer Course Who is it for? Fall Placement*
GMSP IMT1 Students currently enrolled in GESP Math 4 (typically 4th graders) GMSP IMT2
GMSP IMT2 Students currently enrolled in GESP Math 5 (typically 5th graders) GMSP Algebra 1

*Students are only recommended for placement if they receive an 80% or higher in the BSD Summer School course.

Courses offered outside of Bellevue School District

Because there are no equivalent courses outside of BSD for GMSP IMT1 and GMSP IMT2, and because these courses are foundational to students’ future math success, students must complete these courses during the regular school year or through BSD’s Advanced Learning Summer School Program. Students currently enrolled in GMSP IMT2 or beyond and wishing to enroll in a course outside of BSD, from an approved institution or online provider, may request approval from the Bellevue School District prior to taking a class by completing the Outside Learning Experiences form.

In the past, BSD has required students in Advanced Learning, who took an online course outside of the district, to take the BSD end-of-course exam.  This practice was implemented so that families would know to what extent their child learned the topics that would have been presented in the BSD version of the course. This practice is being modified beginning Summer of 2019.  Since most, if not all of, the approved online courses are NOW based upon Common Core State Standards, we have determined that we will no longer require students to take an end-of-course assessment for most of the online math courses.

  • Students receiving full-time services, who take Algebra 1, Geometry or Algebra 2, will no longer be required to take an end-of-course assessment.
  • Students entering full-time services at Interlake, who take online math courses beyond Algebra 2, will still be required to take an end-of-course assessment, as courses at this level must include specific topics that prepare students for IB Mathematics.
  • Students receiving Differentiated Services at their neighborhood or choice school, who take online math courses beyond Algebra 2, will not be required to take an end-of-course assessment.

Students taking outside learning courses must pass the course and then present the transcript or grade report to their counselor in order to move forward in the math sequence.

Students Currently Enrolled in Advanced Learning Self-Contained Services Math 4

By following the typical BSD math sequence, all students enrolled in the SCS model will be prepared for AP Calculus or AP Statistics in their junior year of high school. However, some students may present a need for further acceleration. Because students receiving SCS are already two years accelerated in mathematics, we highly encourage parents and students to discuss further acceleration with their current math teacher. Advanced Learning Summer School math courses move at a rapid pace, thus students do not have extended practice that allows for deep understanding and application of concepts. If acceleration is recommended by the current math teacher and the student successfully completes a BSD Advanced Learning Summer School course or approved outside learning experience (Algebra 1 and beyond only), students will accelerate to the next course in the BSD Advanced Learning mathematics sequence. The following options are available:

Course Options Credit/Grade
GMSP IMT1 BSD Accelerated GMSP IMT1 Summer School Course 1.0/Grade earned in Summer School
GMSP IMT2 BSD Accelerated GMSP IMT2 Summer School Course 1.0/Grade earned in Summer School
Algebra 1 and Beyond Outside learning experience (prior approval document required) 1.0/No grade earned

*Outside learning experiences, from an approved institution or online provider, do not necessarily address the needs of students enrolled in the advanced learning SCS. Therefore, students who complete outside learning experiences are required to take an end of course assessment in August to determine that they have learned the concepts and are prepared for success in their next BSD math course.

If you are interested in having your student take part in a BSD Summer School mathematics class, registration information is available on the Bellevue School District website. Registration for Summer School will begin in March. A tiered fee structure is available for students who qualify for financial need.