Advanced Learning Math Sequence

Each math course in the continuum is required as a prerequisite for enrollment in the next course in the progression. On occasion, a student may need to be accelerated beyond one year, such decisions are made at the elementary school level only and are based upon a data-based guidance team decision only.  Parents may not enroll their child in a course beyond the next course in the progression. Below is the continuum of math placement for the typical student receiving advanced learning centered program with one year of acceleration:

Grade Level of Student Math Learning Standards Studied  Math Course
2nd Grade Advanced Learning 3rd Grade Standards Illustrative Mathematics Grade 3
3rd Grade Advanced Learning 4th Grade Standards Illustrative Mathematics Grade 4
4th Grade Advanced Learning 5th Grade Standards Illustrative Mathematics Grade 5
5th Grade Advanced Learning 6th & 7th Grade Standards IMT1: Integrated Math Topics 1
6th Grade Advanced Learning 7th & 8th Grade Standards IMT2: Integrated Math Topics 2
7th Grade Advanced Learning 9th Grade Standards Algebra 1
8th Grade Advanced Learning 10th Grade Standards Geometry
9th Grade Advanced Learning High School Standards Algebra 2
10th Grade Advanced Learning High School Standards IB Mathematics SL1 or HL1
(topics: Calculus, Statistics, Trig & Analysis)
11th Grade Advanced Learning College Level Standards IB Mathematics SL2 or HL2
(topics of Calc 2, Statistics, Diff Eqn’s)
12th Grade Advanced Learning College Level Standards IB Further Mathematics
(topics of Adv Calc, Adv Diff Eqn’s, Series, Sequence, Groups)
or AP Statistics

BSD Acceleration in Math Pathway

As a whole, in Bellevue School District, all students are ready for Algebra 1 in 8th grade which is a 9th grade standard.  This pathway prepares all students to take Calculus AB as a Senior. See chart above for reference.

Students who are identified for Advanced Learning Services and attend Centered services will be advanced an additional year in math.  6th grade students identified as domain specific math will have the opportunity to advance to IMT2 in 6th grade.

Information about domain specific and Centered services can be found here.

The Advanced Learning Department does not recommend skipping math courses or taking summer school math for the purpose of acceleration. We believe it is critical to enroll in a full-year class in order to thoroughly cover math concepts and mathematical practice standards with rigor and depth. This recommendation is for ALL students, regardless of academic program, outside math experiences, or perceived ability/capacity for learning. Faster is NOT better. Our experience has shown that many typically high-achieving math students struggle unnecessarily when they get to Algebra II and Pre-Calculus if they have skipped courses or taken summer school math for the purpose of acceleration.

Courses offered outside of Bellevue School District

Because there are no equivalent courses outside of BSD for IMT1 and IMT2, and because these courses are foundational to students’ future math success, students must complete these courses during the regular school year.  Students currently enrolled in IMT2 or beyond and wishing to enroll in a course outside of BSD, from an accredited institution or online provider, must request approval from Bellevue School District prior to taking a class.  Please see this website for the Outside Learning ProcessThe Outside Learning Process is for courses taken outside the Bellevue School District.  For math, this is only applicable for high school courses beginning with Algebra 1.  Students taking outside learning courses must pass the course and then present the transcript or grade report to their counselor in order to move forward in the math sequence.

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