Students identified as in need of advanced learning services have an exceptional ability to learn or reason beyond their same-age peers. Their minds are often ahead of their physical growth, and specific cognitive and social-emotional functions can develop unevenly. These children exhibit a high ability to make meaning out of complex concepts or problems. You may want to consider testing your child if you have noticed these characteristics:

Verbal Skills
  • Has an advanced vocabulary for his/her age
  • Seems to continuously talk and ask questions
Thinking Skills
  • Is imaginative; has lots of ideas
  • Can come up with many interesting solutions to problems
Learning Behaviors
  • Understands information quickly
  • Wants to work on more difficult things
  • Is very interested in certain topics/projects
  • Does not want or need a lot of direction for completing a task
Social-Emotional Development
  • Is sensitive to the feelings of others and is concerned with fairness
  • May be a perfectionist
  • May prefer to interact with students who are older and/or adults
  • Is a very strong reader, reading above grade level and/or reading at an early age
  • Is very interested in mathematics, works above grade level in math and/or shows an interest in numbers at an early age