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Students from International School had the opportunity to share their stories as part of a service project with New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) and My Story Matters. My Story Matters was founded after recognizing a lot of kids didn’t feel like they had a voice and are often told who they’re supposed to be. They started partnering with kids to create storybooks that showcase the kids as the heroes of their own stories. These books give them an opportunity to share their story from their own perspective.

Volunteers from NPDL partnered with students at International and asked them questions that reflected on their past, present and future to help guide the narrative of the storybook. The stories will show the students what they can learn from their past experiences to help them grow. Each of these storybooks will feature the student’s own photos and offer a positive, personalized message for them. The books will help improve self-esteem, build confidence, inspire imagination and give them the power to dream of a hopeful future.

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logo for New Pedagogies for Deep Learning
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