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Work on the new BSD websites has been ongoing for almost one year, with the Listen and Learn project phase beginning in March 2023. Today, the project continues in the development portion of the Design and Development phase.

As noted in the project update in December, the project team has been focused on the website audit, content migration and training in the new platform. To allow more time to complete this part of the work, the Design and Development project phase will continue through summer 2024, with the new websites launching at that time. Several other aspects of the project will also take place during this time, specifically content and webpage optimization and broad staff training.

Content and Webpage Optimization

With the goal of having all website content be helpful, relevant and accessible to all school and district audiences, all information must be reviewed and revised as needed, to improve clarity, reduce length, and prevent redundancy. Additionally, webpages will be optimized (or made better) by using customized formatting and strategic content placement. Some aspects of the new websites will follow Finalsite’s philosophy of “create once, publish everywhere,” which allows the Communications department and website editors to create content that will appear in many places across district websites. This means that families using the sites will read consistent information in real time as updates are made or new content is added.

Staff Training

School and District Communicators are specific BSD staff who will help update and manage websites and pages. Many will participate in an in-person training with Finalsite the week of March 18. BSD Communications staff will be on hand to support users that day and are building an engaging training partnership that will support School and District Communicators. More fun and inviting opportunities for training in a variety of communication subject areas are being planned and will be available to users through the next school year and beyond. We are excited to grow this partnership and provide timely and clear information to our community.

Continued Feedback and Advising

Communications staff will continue working alongside a committee of internal staff and community stakeholders to develop website processes and procedures, determine ways to promote the new websites, and teach our learning community about the new features that will be available across all websites.

What’s Next?

Upon completion of the content migration and optimization, the Launch and Promotion phase will begin. During this phase, the BSD learning community will learn:

  • How BSD’s websites have changed
  • Where to find important information on the new websites
  • How to use the new and innovative features across websites
    • E.g., navigation menus, site search, and language and accessibility tools
  • Where to share feedback and submit website enhancement requests
  • And more!

Learn More

The Design and Development phase will continue through summer 2024, when all school and district websites will launch. Previous updates and more information about this project can be found on the New BSD Websites webpage.

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