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All Bellevue School District 5th grade students are screened for Advanced Learning services.  BSD parents do not need to apply.

Step 1 – Data Review

Beginning in the fall, we work with teachers and collect data on all 5th grade students.  Multiple data points are collected and analyzed to determine Advanced Learning needs.  Data to be collected and analyzed for each 5th grade student may include the following:

 Parents of BSD 5th graders interested in their child(ren) being considered for advanced learning services do not need to apply for winter testing as this process takes place automatically.  Parents must apply for summer testing.

Parents of private/home-school 5th graders will still need to apply for testing.  Parents will be sent an Academic Data Form to give to their child’s teacher.  The teacher needs to complete the form and return it via email directly to the Advanced Learning Department.  Students who consistently perform well-beyond grade level in literacy and/or math will be moved into Step 2 – Notification/Further Review (see below).  Parents may also submit their child’s most recent report card(s) and any official reading, writing and math achievement data for consideration.

The data collected for all 5th grade students are part of the screening process. A team of highly qualified educators objectively reviewed school performance data of all 5th grade students to determine those who may benefit from specialized academic instruction.  The results are utilized to determine if there is a need for further testing and possible inclusion in advanced learning services.  Appeals for Domain-Specific services will not be accepted for students under Step 1 – Data Review.  

Appeals may only be submitted after Step 2 – Notification/Further Review or Step 3 – Cognitive Testing.

Step 2 – Notification/Further Review

In January, parents of students whose data indicates consistent performance well-beyond grade level in reading and/or math will be notified and asked to provide authorization for their child to participate in reading and/or math performance assessments, which will measure conceptual understanding of higher-grade level topics. Results of the assessments will be analyzed along with previously collected data points by a multidisciplinary team.

  • Students performing in the range of current advanced learning students in reading will be identified for advanced learning Domain-Specific services in reading.
  • Students performing in the range of current advanced learning students in math will be identified for advanced learning Domain-Specific services in math.

Step 3 – Cognitive Testing

Students performing in the range of currently identified advanced learning students in both reading and math will be invited to participate in CogAT testing for potential identification for full-time, Self-Contained services.

Please Note: Some students qualify for Domain Specific services in multiple areas, yet scores are not at the level to indicate a need for self-contained services. These student’s needs are best met in the general education classroom through differentiation of instruction.

Parents of students being invited to participate in CogAT testing will receive notification with the testing date and location in early March.  All results and identification decisions will be sent to parents by early June.

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